Creating Solid Ranch & Arena Horse Prospects

Where are you located?

Ontario, OR

Whose training methods do you use? 

Most of the specifics of our program come from my dad, Martin Black.  I grew up starting colts with Dad and continue to pick his brain with horse questions.  The overall training methods we use come from my grandfather, Ray Hunt, and of course his mentor, Tom Dorrance.  All of these men have helped shape what we do and our overall philosophy.  However, my greatest teacher has been my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our focus is based on taking the horsemanship philosophies of Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, and mixing them with Spanish Vaquero traditions in stockmanship and roping, to put solid foundations on horses going to the rodeo arena or back to the ranch.

                                                                    ~ Wade Black

A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the following video to see the horsemanship philosophy of Training for the Cross or contact us HERE.

(Video by Emily Kitching, Eclectic Horseman Communications)

A short 2-page handout with more details about the Foundation for Perfection can be found here.  Training for the Cross follows a checklist that Wade developed at Montana State University to test his students' progress.  A more extensive handout that Wade used at MSU which contains his overall training methods and theories can be found here.

Photo by Antoine Cloux

Photo by Antoine Cloux