About Training For The Cross LLC

Wade and Amaia Black Family

Training for the Cross, LLC, is a family owned and operated business focused on producing well rounded bridle horses that have been ridden on the ranch, shown in the arena and ridden by everyone in the family. Wade and his family live in Homedale, Idaho with his wife Amaia, and children, Teo, Josie, Cy and Sam. TFTC LLC horses are used through the TQA Non-Profit program which is focused on instilling correct muscle memory in youth ranging from K-College. Wade and Amaia try to keep a solid string of horses that the family can use to do ranch work and compete on in rodeo. This same string of horses is used to help educate students through TVCC’s performance horse series and shown by the TVCC Stock Horse Team. Due to the large number of solid horses needed through the TQA program, we only sale enough horses each year to help cover the expenses, which is usually only two horses per year.

Harrington/Hirschy Quarter Horses:

TFTC LCC proudly endorses the Harrington/Hirschy quarter horses. I have worked with Mark and Lynne for nearly fifteen years and the Harrington/Hirschy family are some of the greatest people you will find, with some of the best horses I have ridden. Below are some of the horses I have had the pleasure to ride and sale. If you are in a market for getting a well-bred all-around performance horse I highly recommend visiting the Harrington/Hirschy website and call to see what they have.

Horses For Sale – The Harrington and Hirschy Families (harringtonhirschyhorses.com)