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Ranch Roping Discipleship

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Ranch Roping Discipleship is a daily devotional and online bible study on the power of a productive prayer closet.  The focus of the bible study is designed to help cowboys and cowgirls with the next step after rodeo bible camp (salvation).  Through this bible study we focus on using horsemanship, stockmanship, ranch roping and rodeo skills to help cowboys and cowgirls grow in their faith while learning to be more productive on the ranch and in the arena.  I feel that there are five areas that are essential in ranching, showing and rodeo and five areas that are essential in being a child of God.  These five areas are: Horsemanship, stockmanship, roping, teamwork and time.  During the first section in this bible study, we focus on “time,” during the second section we focus on “horsemanship, stockmanship,” and during the third section we focus on “roping and teamwork”.  

              Below is a breakdown of the “Competing from the Holy of Holies” online bible study and discipleship program.  Along with Ranch Roping Discipleship we will also touch on other areas such as:  bronc riding, stock dog and harness and packing. 

In each section of the online bible study, we will use ranching, horse show and rodeo parables to look at a different aspect of prayer and how it relates to running a business and competing in sports.  In the first section we will focus on the “science” of prayer, the second section the “art” of prayer and in the third section the “business” of prayer.   

1st Section (Science of Prayer) 

           Returning to Eden:  Personal testimony and horse training philosophy 

           Time:  War over Reality 

           Bronc Riding:  Strong Holds   

2nd Section (Art of Prayer)

            Harness and Packing: Prayer Burdens  

           Horsemanship: “Foundation” Who we are in Christ  

            Stockmanship:  Spiritual Discernment 

3rd Section (Business of Prayer) 

           Roping:  Spiritual Gifts 

           Stock Dog:  Spiritual Instinct 

           Teamwork:  Functioning in the Body of Christ 

                 – Driving:  Marriage (Being “Equally Yoked”)

                 – Family: “Training up your kids in the way they should go.” 

In all the college classes I teach I have course outcomes for my students.  Below is a list of the course outcomes for this three-section online bible study.  

Bible Study Course Outcomes          

It is my prayer that students will know through scripture and personal experience:

            1) The difference between the old and new covenant 

            2) How the gospel sets people free 

            3) The power of true worship and the difference between operating in the flesh  

                 and in the spirit. 

As a result of the previous three course outcomes students will also be able to:

           1) Love God (relate to the Father as a child of God, not as an orphan)

           2) Love people (reflect the love of the Father to those around you)

           3) Do what God has called you to do (get an assignment from the Lord and begin taking    

               steps of obedience to fulfill the assignment).